Victoria Cosmos Serraje Retro in Melocoton

$75.00 $110.00

The Victoria Cosmos Serraje Retro in Melocoton, a perfect combination of style and quality. Made of top quality leather, these sneakers offer a modern and timeless look. Constructed from raw nylon, the shoe features a tan EVA sole that provides a comfortable and flexible fit. In addition, the sole has a toothed rubber skate that offers optimal grip on any surface, providing safety and stability during use. Victoria's signature logo is embossed on the back, in keeping with the retro V that graces the side of the shoe. This detail adds a touch of unique and exclusive style to the design. Comfort is one of the most outstanding characteristics of these sports shoes. Thanks to their removable insole, they adjust perfectly to the shape of the foot, offering a pleasant wearing experience adapted to the needs of each person. The lightness of these shoes is another aspect that does not go unnoticed. When worn, they will feel like a natural extension of your feet, allowing you to move easily and freely. In short, the Victoria COSMOS RETRO sneakers are the ideal choice for women looking for a combination of style, quality and comfort. Their elegant design, premium leather construction, and attention to detail make them a versatile option for any occasion. Make your steps stand out with these incredible sneakers!